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Updated: 13 December 2016

Since its formation in April 2014, the Oracle Dark Skies Committee has been attending various events around Oracle and Pinal County to talk about its work to have Oracle State Park designated as an "International Dark Sky Park". The Committee also does public outreach on the affects of Light Pollution and how everyone can help reduce the problem and save money as well. You can support the work of the ODSC by joining the Committee (membership is free) and/or by making a donation to support the Committee's work.


If you would like to become a Committee member you can attend the monthly ODSC meetings (see the ODSC web site home page for details). Feel free to contact Mike Weasner (520-289-3402 or mweasner@mac.com) to learn more.

Making a Donation

You can make a donation to the ODSC by contacting a member at one of the local events we support (see the Future Events page).

As of 13 December 2016, the ODSC is now part of the "Friends of Oracle State Park" (FOSP), a tax-deductible non-profit organization. You can make a tax deductible by donating directly to the FOSP and noting that your donation is to the "Oracle Dark Skies Committee" at:

Friends of Oracle State Park
P.O. Box 8405
Tucson, AZ 85738

Friends of Oracle State  Park

Thank you.

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