Congress and the flawed STELA Legislation

Congress fails to fix STELA Legislation in 2018-2019

Our Congressman is embarrassed in Oracle

In early 2018 I continued to make inquiries to Congressman O'Halleran's office, frequently explaining that continued delays by Congress were serious. No action was taken by Congress.

In May 2018 Congressman O'Halleran visited Oracle. In front of many local residents including some who knew of my efforts with Congresswoman Kirkpatrick and Congressman O'Halleran, I personally asked the Congressman what action was being taken on this serious issue. He expressed surprise to learn about the issue as his staff had never informed him of the dangerous and unfair FCC regulation that impacted his District. He publicly acknowledged that the law was flawed, dangerous, and unfair to his constituents in southern Pinal County. He said he would take action. Yet, nothing happened in Congress.

Throughout 2018 and 2019 I continued frequent communications with Congressman O'Halleran's staff and with the County Board of Supervisors regarding the issue.

In late 2019 I learned that the Pinal County FCC DMA "Market Area Modification" petition effort had stalled due to a staff change.

In 2019 the STELA legislation once again came up for reauthorization, yet like his predecessor, Congressman O'Halleran failed to get Congress to protect lives and businesses in his District.

I am proved right - Lives are being put at risk

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