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12 March 2021: Pinal County Supervisor Cavanaugh is working with his staff and contacts in Washington, DC, to determine to best way to proceed that will have the highest probability of success in making Tucson TV stations available to southern Pinal County satellite TV customers. The video that the County did the previous month with Oracle Fire Chief Jennings and me on the dangers to the local community from the STELA legislation and the FCC DMA ban on viewing Tucson TV stations will be used as part of the process to inform decision makers. As I've seen over the past eight years of working this issue with our local and federal elected officials, nothing happens quickly, even when everyone acknowledges that local lives are being put at risk and local businesses are being harmed.

31 March 2021: I sent the following email to Congressman Tom O'Halleran's staff on 22 March.

Mr. Rivas,

It has been a while since we have communicated. I wanted to assure you that like the STELA issue, I have not gone away. I remain committed to getting STELA and the FCC DMA fixed in my lifetime. I hope that Congressman O'Halleran still agrees with citizens and businesses in his District that the issue demands a speedy resolution.

As you probably know, Arizona wildfire officials have said that 2021 will be another year of possible large fires. That means that the danger created by the flawed STELA legislation that we experienced with the 2020 Bighorn Fire will happen again unless Congress acts NOW. It should have acted in 2013 when I initially raised the issue with Congresswoman Kirkpatrick.

First the COVID-19 pandemic and then the Bighorn Fire. Do we really need to wait until the next crisis occurs before Congress takes this issue seriously?

What is the House Energy and Commerce Committee currently doing to address this critical issue?

Thank you.

Mike Weasner
Oracle, Arizona

As of today, no response or even acknowledgement of my email has been received. That says a lot about Congressman O'Halleran's lack of commitment to his constituents in this portion of his way-too-large Congressional District. Fortunately, the Pinal County Board of Supervisors is still working on the issue to support its citizens.

Another Wildfire, Another Day of Congress Putting Lives at Risk

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