Flawed, dangerous, unfair Satellite TV Regulation

Local lives put at risk and local businesses harmed

Pinal County Board of Supervisors moves slowly; is still investigating the issue

10 April 2022: I contacted the Pinal County Board of Supervisors and the County Manager and requested an update on their actions resulting from the community meeting in Oracle in January and my presentation to the Board in February.

15 April 2022: I sent the following email to the Pinal County Board of Supervisors and the County Manager.

SUBJ: Wildfire Risks and Lack of Local TV
I assume that none of you live in areas of southern Pinal County that should receive Tucson TV stations, but cannot. If that's the case, unlike many citizens of Pinal County, you do not live daily with the critical issue of being prohibited by your government from viewing the nearest TV stations with local news, weather, and emergency information.

As shown in this current National Interagency Fire Center map, southeastern Arizona remains at high risk of wildfires.


At the Satellite TV Reform meeting held in Oracle in January 2022, Oracle Fire District Chief Jennings clearly pointed out the risk to southern Pinal communities by the Federal Government ban on the viewing of Tucson TV stations by many citizens.

Only the Pinal County Board of Supervisors can force a change to this dangerous Federal "Designated Market Area" regulation by immediately submitting an urgent "Market Area Modification" to the FCC.

We must not be forced by our government to repeat the same experience as we had with the Bighorn Fire in 2020.

Mike Weasner
Satellite TV Reform Advocate
Oracle, Arizona

19 April 2022: I received a response from Supervisor Goodman. The Board continues to investigate the issue and "Once we have the appropriate information to share our office will follow up with you."

The Board has known about this issue for many years. I personally began working with the Board in 2015 on the "Market Area Modification" petition to the FCC. The effort stalled, but was resumed in early 2020. It was then halted at the terrible recommendation of Congressman Tom O'Halleran in April 2020. After the Bighorn Fire in June-July 2020, the Board once again became concerned that Pinal County lives were being put at the risk by the ban on viewing Tucson TV stations. But, as with all Government entities, progress was slow and continues to move slowly. I hope the Board is not waiting for the next crisis, which could be weeks, days, or hours away.

I encourage all local satellite TV customers who are impacted by the dangerous and unfair Federal regulation to continue to write to all of the Pinal County Supervisors and the County Manager to keep this critical issue in front of the Board. Here are the names and email addresses of the Supervisors:

Supervisor Jeffrey McClure: bosdistrict4@pinal.gov
Supervisor Mike Goodman: mike.goodman@pinal.gov
Supervisor Stephen Miller: Stephen.Miller@pinal.gov
Supervisor Jeff Serdy: jeff.serdy@pinal.gov
Supervisor Kevin Cavanaugh: kevin.cavanaugh@pinal.gov
Pinal County Manager Leo Lew: countymanager@pinal.gov
Pinal County Clerk of the Board Natasha Kennedy: Natasha.Kennedy@pinalcountyaz.gov

Pinal County Supervisors meet with Citizens

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