Use the navigation buttons at the top of each page to view sections of this web site. "Reports" will show the home page of the web site, with all the available observatory reports. The latest reports are displayed on the home page; to view previous reports, click "Past Reports". "Photos" has selected astronomical and terrestrial photography. "Videos" has astronomical related videos done at Cassiopeia Observatory. "Equipment" shows available telescopes and other equipment. "Links" has some specific articles and other web sites. "Reviews" has product reviews I've written. "Data" displays current Cassiopeia Observatory observing conditions, weather forecasts, and some astronomical data. "History" is the story of the observatory. Use "Contact" to send me email (please read the Email Etiquette). "?" displays this Help window.

The open/closed status of the observatory is displayed below the banner image on the home page and at the top right on subpages. Also below the home page photo is small graphic showing the current Clear Sky Chart forecast. Mouseover the image to see the full forecast graphic. Click (or tap) on the small graphic to see the full CSC Cassiopeia Observatory forecast page with explanations.

Note: JavaScript is required to view past reports (although an alternative view is available), some photos, astronomical data, and observatory open/closed status.

Newly posted Reports are announced on Twitter and Facebook. A Cassiopeia Observatory RSS feed is also available; subscribe at RSS.

Image editing is done on an Apple Mac Studio with Studio Display using Adobe Lightroom, GraphicConverter, and occasionally Code Obsession Observatory, Affinity Photo, and Adobe Photoshop.

You can learn more about me by reading my autobiography Finding my Way to the Stars.

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