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This page documents the Celestron NexImage on ETX telescopes comments, tips, and photos. Contributions welcome.

Subject:	Jupiter Image from 10/31/10 with a Meade ETX 125PE
Sent:	Tuesday, November 9, 2010 19:58:20
From:	Robert Amdahl (
Here's another Jupiter image that I hope that you will find acceptable. 
It is from 10/31/10 taken with a Meade ETX 125PE, a Celestron NexImage
and a 2X Barlow.  I did the initial stacking and processing of the one
minute avi file with Registax.  You might like that I used Registax on a
mac with a virtual Windows XP system using VMWare.  I did some further
processing with Photoshop (back on the mac) to bring out more detail and
enlarged the image by 50%.  The shadow is of the moon Io with the moon
itself at the left edge of the planet.  I was quite pleased with this
image because I was able to get a moon/shadow transit with the moon and
the GRS.

I hope you find this image acceptable for you site and thanks again for
keeping us sane with your great website.

Bob Amdahl


End of today's update
Subject:	Re: LPI Camera Software
Sent:	Monday, June 8, 2009 14:41:18
From:	Lyle Johnsen (
I returned the LPI Camera and got a Celestron NexImage Solar System
Imager. This camera runs on 32-bit Vista after you download the Vista
driver from Celestron's web site.  I got it running and now I am waiting
for some good weather.

This camera is supposed to be equivilant to a 5mm eyepiece, which should
be about 80X on my ETX-80.


End of 9 June 2009 update
Subject:	Lunar Images with ETX105 and NexImage
Sent:	Wednesday, September 14, 2005 18:26:56
From: (
I have just purchased an ETX105EC and Celestron NexImage CCD camera. I
have posted some lunar images to my website (see bottom of webpage).   [no longer valid]

I used a 2X Barlow for the closer images, otherwise the CCD is virtually
a 5mm eyepiece as is.

Visibility was poor due to high thermal activity and a jet stream over
Brisbane Australia at midnight 12th September 2005. The moon was almost
directly overhead. Plenty of city glare also. Can't wait to take it out
to a darker sky.



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