Last updated: 17 November 2006
Subject:	Meade LPI technical specs (at last?)
Sent:	Tuesday, November 14, 2006 19:22:42
From:	Philip de Louraille (
Do not know if you got the answers wrt Meade LPI tech specs

but this site mentions them

Image sensor:
CMOS Hynix Semiconductor Inc.
HV7131E1 (Type 1/3") 
Image size: Diagonal 6.5mm, 5,18mm x 3,90mm 
Effective pixels: 644(H) x 484(V) ~310K pixels
Total number of pixels: 648(H) x 488(V) ~320K pixels
Unit cell (pixel) size: 8.0m(H) x 8.0m(V)
Chip size:

Exposure: 1/1000s - 16s (1ms - 16000ms)
Max. Resolution: 640x480
Compression: RGB24 (not compressed), I420
Maximum usable frame rate @ 640x480 resolution:
3fps (not compressed)
Interface: USB

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Subject:	Sensor Specs Meade LPI
Sent:	Tuesday, April 18, 2006 01:09:42
From:	Gerd F. Herzogenrath (
just got a second-hand Meade LPI imager and tried to find the sensor
specs of this camera. Succeeded on the K3CCD-Tools homepage, and dug out
a link to the sensor spec sheet of the manufacturer.

CMOS-Sensor by Hynix Semiconductor Inc.
Type HV7131E1 (1/3")
Active Area 5.18x3.90mmm (6.5mm diagonal)
Eff. Pixels: 640x480, ~310kPix, (Bayer matrix)
Pixel size 8.0 mikron, square
8-Bit on-chip A/D converter
Max. usable framerate @ 640x480 (uncompressed): 36/sec

Spec sheet (PDF:

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