Last updated: 4 July 2007
Subject:	ETX70 piggyback mount
Sent:	Tuesday, July 3, 2007 02:52:16
DSLR piggyback mount for ETX-70

I've mounted my DSLR via a dummy eyepiece in the flip-mirror port of my
ETX-70 to take widefield star images as shown in the attached pictures. 
The camera and telephoto lens weighs a heavy 1kg and is counterbalanced
with a weight from my LX200 mounted forward under the ETX-70 on a $1 PVC

I've chosen to use the scope in altaz mode and even with the additional
2kg weight the scope slews and tracks fine with no field rotation
evident with lenses to 135mm focal length in 30sec exposures.   The
cropped field of Vega 'rising' in the east shows excellent altaz
tracking to record mag 11 stars from suburbia with a static [trailed]
shot for comparison.  More pics on my homepage

Maurice Gavin



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