Last updated: 11 October 2007
Subject:	Piggyback mount and balance weight
Sent:	Tuesday, October 9, 2007 13:43:03
From:	Dimitri Stamatiadis (stamatiadis@yahoo.com)
While waiting for the autostar to be fixed, I made a piggyback mount for
my canon camera using simple materials from the hardware store. The main
ring is one used to hold together chimney ducts. Luckily it was just the
right size for the ETX 125 (about 150 mm diameter but there might be
different sizes available) and already has a bold in place in the middle
of one of the two parts (used to fix the piece on the chimney wall, I

I added some foam material cut out of a pipe insulation on the inner
side to protect the scope and the whole thing fit perfectly as you can
see and holds real tight (I have attached a Canon EOS D30 which is quite
heavy). I used the top part (arrow) from an old camera tripod.

The counterweight was even easier: the metal piece you can see attached
at the bottom of the scope also came from the hardware store (it's
amazing what one can find in these places) and the weight itself is made
of metal washers piled together (find the larger ones to get some
weight). The whole thing comes on and off easily and can be positioned
as to leave the rear thread clear.

Clear skies





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