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Subject:	sell new autoguider
Sent:	Friday, August 8, 2008 13:18:16
From:	roohollah karampour (
As an inventor inventing some useful inventions was informed of your
site and your accomplishments through searching to earn cooperation for
my latest invention named Autoguider with a new design and a number of
advantages included.

The advantages are as : 1- Tracing stars within two forms as : a- By
setting the telescopy on the star's orbit it will be attracted
thereupern automatically. b- Then it will move upon the movement of the
mentioned star.

2- The tracing will be done with locking without a pay Deck Error and
with no time limitation. That is locking, it will not loose its zoom
status as long as the star is avail and upon any failure within any
parts of the device it will automatically attracts and locks on the star
during the failure again.

3- The taken pictures of the star is not in the form of continous line
as other autoguiders may fail to do so.

4- It trances the star         with the least errors in taking pictures
and while tracing its objective star.

5- It will rotate in a direct line, vertically horizontally and in four
round directions .

6- It operates with a dim light and a 12 voltage power supply without
any hard or soft ware involved any ups or laptop.

7- Above all, it is made with the least cost even in a mass production
line, the uses : 1- it is used to take pictures from stars, planets and

2- it is used for rotating satellite dishes.  3- for tracing objects can
be could be used.    4- it installed on autoguider on automatic
telescopic panels.

The volume of  the instrument :lenghth 125mm width 90mm hight 50mm
So I want you to send me an invitation in order to have a mitting.

it works with ETX models with the autostar # 497& i am Sorry i have not
any website.
my phone no. : iran 09125039564






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