Last updated: 5 February 2008
Subject:	Windows Vista driver installation procedure for Meade DSI
Sent:	Tuesday, February 5, 2008 14:47:39
From:	Brian Miller (
I just got off the phone with a Meade Customer Service representative a
little while ago, and thought I would share some good news with you.
Meade has apparently developed a DSI driver installation procedure for
the Windows Vista OS. He e-mailed me the updated Autostar Suite Quick
Start Software Installation Instructions in Adobe pdf format, which I
attached to this e-mail. The procedure is as follows:
After installing the Autostar suite software, connect the camera.
If you are using Vista:
1. When the dialong ("New Hardware") "Windows needs to install
driver..." displays, select "Locate and install driver software".

2. Wait for Windows to 'give up' the search--this may take a long time.

3. When "Windows couldnt' find driver software" displays, select "Browse
my computer driver software" and Select Browse.

4. Navigate to the driver directory: C\program files\meade\autostar

5. When "Window can't verify the publisher of this driver software"
dispays, select "Install this driver software anyway".

6. When "Found new hardware-Meade DSI" displays, select close.

I followed these instructions and now my Vista machine recognizes my DSI
camera when I plug it in! I will test the camera later tonight, and if
it works, I will attempt to install my LPI using the same instructions.
Hope this helps!
Brian Miller
Spring Valley, CA

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