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Subject:	ETX-60 T-Ring Adapter
Sent:	Monday, August 4, 2008 16:38:48
From:	Ron Balch (
I ran across your ETX site in my search for a T-Ring Adapter.  I have
the ETX-60, it is the first telescope i've ever had so please forgive me
if I ask something dumb or something.  :)

After I figure out how to align the scope and be able to actually find
planets, andromeda, nebula, etc, I am going to want to try and take some
photos of these items.  I currently have an Olympus Evolt E-500 DSLR
camera.  Olympus has adopted this 4/3 system so I don't think any 35mm
adapter would work, but I'm not sure and am having trouble finding
anything about it, or finding a purpose built adapter for this
camera/scope combination.  Not sure if you could help or if you know,
never hurts to ask.  ;)

Thank you very much, and I am sure going to be a frequent visitor to
your site as I have much to learn.

Thanks again..

Mike here: If you search the ETX Site for "Evolt" you will find one previous article. You might want to read that. What you would likely need is a T-Ring adapter made for your camera (which should be available from any Olympus dealer). The T-RIng adapter then mates to the adapter that is attached to the telescope.

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