Last updated: 24 November 2008
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Subject:	Images with the Pentax K100D DSLR Camera
Sent:	Friday, November 21, 2008 15:38:16
From:	Robert Zaballa (
Hi Mike. As always, your website is awesome. I have attached a couple of
images I took with the Pentax K100D DSLR camera and the SMC DA Pentax
zoom lens.

In the first image, the International Space Station (with space shuttle
Endeavour docked) flew overhead the past couple of nights here in
Woodstock, GA. With the  zoom lens at 24 mm, I took an exposure of
approximately 15 seconds with the camera's sensitivity set to ISO 400,
on Nov. 20 at 6:13 PM EDT. The station appears as the trail moving from
the bottom right (Southwest) of the picture to the top left.

The second image, taken approximately 10 minutes earlier, shows Venus
(lower right) and Jupiter (up and to the left of Venus) with the same
camera and sensitivity, but with an exposure slightly less than 1 second
and the zoom lens at around 45 mm.

By the way, I received my Ph.D. in physics at Georgia State University
on Nov. 11. Now, I'll have more time for astrophotography again.

-Robert Zaballa



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