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This page documents SBIG Astronomical Instruments imager models comments, tips, and photos. Search the site for "SBIG" for other items about the SBIG imagers. Contributions welcome.

Subject:	Question for the Master
Sent:	Thursday, April 17, 2008 15:48:01
From:	Jim Herron (
I have a question and need help and I am praying that either you know
how to fix it or know of someone who does....Here is the problem.  I
have an ETX125PE and a LX90GPS.... I just bought an SBIG ST2000XM camera
to use on them.  Only I cant get it to auto guide off the ST2000 (has a
duel chip, one for pics and one for tracking)...I tried the 909 cable
but it still won't control the scope....Have you or anyone else run into
this problem?   Or am I basically just screwed...Any advice would be
most appreciated... By the way this site is awesome....Jim
Mike here: I don't have one so can't comment directly. Hopefully someone else will know.

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