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Subject:	USB 2.0 Power for DSI: solution
Sent:	Monday, April 21, 2008 20:21:16
From:	Robert Welsh (
Great Site!!!
Here is a solution for those who have had problems with getting enough
power to their DSI for $19.95 plus shipping

Sewell Direct has a PCMCIA USB 2.0 card that can draw extra power from
an existing USB port.  I bought one it has made my DSI work. I have an
older Toshiba laptop which only had USB 1.1 it was a nightmare trying to
get it to work with my DSI I.
Here is a quote from the site and product link
"When using a peripheral that is powered through your USB port, you're
going to need a little extra juice. Many PCMCIA cards solve this problem
by including AC/DC adapters you can plug into the wall. These work, but
they compromise the PCMCIA card's utility and your mobility. Our
solution is a USB/DC adapter that you can simply plug into an available
USB port to pull the extra power directly from your laptop. All the
power you need available where and when you need it. "

Keep up the great work, love your new blog on Oracle observatory.  Sad
you had to get a replacement scope for the theft(jerks is too mild) and 
too bad the new one was defective- how disappointing.

Best Regards
Robert Welsh
Mike here: Although I didn't use it with a DSI, I got a Belkin PCCard (PCMCIA) USB 2 Notebook Card ($50) for my older Apple PowerBook G4 that has only USB 1.1 so that I could sync and charge my iPhone. It worked great. It comes with an AC adapter if the laptop didn't have enough power to power the attached USB device. It works with Macs and PCs. The link is:

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