Last updated: 15 February 2009
Subject:	Richard E Bannions Imaging lecture
Sent:	Sunday, February 15, 2009 06:10:38
From:	Wayne
Information on astrophotography and its various associated problem is
very widely place throughout the internet.

I happened across an extremely informative lecture given by Mr Richard
E. Bannion focusing on a number of aspects in persuit of good
astrophotographic imaging.

It is simple to understand and is easily the most useful and educational
source of subject matter I have found on astro-imaging to date.

It is quite a long lecture, (necessarily so), encompassing a great
number of problems, in good detail, associated with imaging and what we
can do to minimise the effects of these problems.

Its a Gold Mine

Mr Bannion is now firmly on my "Favourite" list, along with Carl Sagan,
Sir Patrick Moore, Michelle Thaller, Doc Clay Sherrod and Mike Weasner.

Definately recommended viewing for us Astronomers who dont have a
University Degree in number crunching.

Clear Skies

Wayne  U.K
Mike here: I'm tremendously honored to be included in that list! Many thanks. This message was originally posted on the LX200GPS Yahoo Group.

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