Last updated: 25 May 2009
Subject:	LPI and Microsoft Vista
Sent:	Sunday, May 24, 2009 11:57:51
From:	steve (
This is my version of a technique posted by several on the web to get
LPI to work with Vista by editing the Registry to make Vista (Envisage &
Auto Suite) recognize the LPI:

If you use "regedit" with Vista (go to Sart, Search on Vista & type in
"regedit"), search for every entry in the registry that say "Webcam
14823", double click the entry & change all that you CAN change (you can
not change all of them)  from "Trust Webcam 14823" to "Meade LPI" then
it may work.  I found this to work.  Be patient, they appear to be the
same entries, just keep going until it says it is through the registry. 
If you start over, you should only find the entries that you were not
able to change.  The control panel device manager still says "Trust
Webcam 14823" but Envisage recognizes it.  I am using Auto Suite 5.5.  I
start Envisage (V 7.05) first, then Auto Suite.  My source came from a
tip on an AutoSuite site....Kaos contributed, I think.....I apologize to
the originator but this is the best attribution I can do on short
notice; just trying to pass on the great tip.


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Sent:	Saturday, March 21, 2009 07:26:45
From:	tom hess (
I was trying to get a LPI installed on my laptop and was having no luck.
I gave Meade a call and was told that the Autostar Suite running on
Vista will not recognize the LPI.  The support desk told me there is no
work around, and there will not be a fix for this issue.  Their only
solution is to install XP.

The LPI is recognized by Photoshop, you just lose a lot of

Doing a search, I came across this site, which appears to fix the issue.
I have NOT had the opportunity to apply the fix yet.
Tom Hess

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