Last updated: 4 December 2004

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Subject:	Nikon N-80 question
Sent:	Saturday, December 4, 2004 09:18:48
From: (
I have a Nikon N-80 and would like to know if this camera body can be
used with a T-ring adaptor for prime focus and eyepiece projection
astrophotography on my Celstar 8.


Al Mangani
 Warren, MI
Mike here: If the camera lens can be removed, there is probably a T-Ring for it. Check with or your local camera store.

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Subject:	etx moon
Sent:	Saturday, August 9, 2003 10:27:27
From: (Alex Villalobos)
Hi my name is Alejandro Villalobos form Texas, I took this picture with
a etx 125 with a 2x barlow with a 26mm ep. with a 35  mm NiKon at 1/500

Mike here: I adjusted the "levels" slightly to lighten up the image.

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