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Subject:	Some Astrophotography The Old Fashion Way??!
Sent:	Monday, December 25, 2006 15:31:02
From:	M. J. The Madjordainain (
I recently purchased an Olympus OM1 Camera complete with 3 lenses; a
hard case; & a couple of other accessories at an auction.  I originally
bought the outfit to get at the 35mm; 50mm; & 80mm X 200mm zoom lenses
that were in the case with the ideal of using them for some  DSI-Pro
wide fields using a Mogg adaptor.  The camera was in pretty good shape &
I though what the heck I'll give it a shot, I visited a couple of film
astrophotographer sites to pick up a couple of tips on using film and
give it a try.

I have been at the CCD angle of it for a little over a year now & so
crossing over to the film for some fun was not a huge step.  In fact it
made the film astrophotography seem like a snap & quite a bit easier
than the DSI-Pro CCD was at first!  The biggest draw back being no
instant gratification of being able to see & evaluate your ongoing
image.  Although, taking the first roll I shot to the developer &
waiting to get it back made it seem like opening a Christmas package
when I did get it back!  I did apply my CCD lessons learned from
autoguiding and such to the 35mm camera, which was part of what made it
seem so easy.  I already had a pretty good grasp on autoguiding the
Meade LXD75 mount with the DSI-P camera & Envisage software.

Well I was visiting your site this evening after the last of the
Christmas Day guests left and noticed your 35mm camera section looked
rather lonely & user neglected for the past couple of years.  Well
here's a few "new" photos for your 35mm film section I shot these over
November & December of this year using an 8" Orion SVP Newt mounted on
my LXD75 with an Orion 80mm ED as the guidescope.  I used the DSI-Pro
for my Guide Camera with the Envisage software doing the calibrations &
guidance.  All in all I have been pleased with the performance this
combination gave me, not bad for a film camera outfit costing < $50.00
second hand!  I plan to sometime in the future get a DSLR camera or
larger format/chip CCD, but I'm going to have some fun with this "new"
outfit for a while!

Some information on the photos:

C14 The Double Cluster - 15 minute guided exposure Kodak Elite Chrome
200 on 11/22/06


C11 The Bubble Nebula & M52 - 60 minute guided exposure Kodak Elite
Chrome 200 on 12/09/06


M45 The Pleiades Cluster - 40 minute guided exposure Kodak Elite Chrome
200 on 12/09/06


M42_43 & NGC1977 Orion Nebula Complex 25 minute exposure Kodak Elite
chrome 200 on 11/23/06


Lunar Photo 1/500 second Kodak Elite Chrome 200 12/01/06


It is amazing to me how that original DSI camera opened up my astronomy!
I would have never dreamed I could be doing astrophotography with a CCD
or 35mm camera just a couple of years ago, not on my budget!  Film is
not dead, & as I have seen said else where - this ain't your daddy's
film.  The Kodak EC 200 was straight off the shelf from Miejers, out of
the box & in the camera - no additional treatments for long exposure
astrophotography.  This will be fun for a while!

Mark Jordan
The Mad One
Greenfield, IN

End of today's update
Subject:	Orion Photo
Sent:	Wednesday, January 9, 2002 18:11:56
From: (Ignacio Rodriguez)
This is a photo of Orion. It was taken last week from my backyard.
Setup:  Olympus OM-1n + Vivitar 135mm/2.8  @ f/8  + tripod + Kodak Supra
800.  It was about 8 minutes long begining with the lens defocused and
then focusing 7 times to finish focused to infinity. I saw a similar
photo in Astronomy magazine and decided to try.

I'll send some piggyback and prime focus photos with my ETX125 latter
this month.

Congratulations again for your great site.


Subject:	M42 astrophoto
Sent:	Saturday, January 19, 2002 15:27:20
From: (Ignacio Rodriguez)
Here is a piggyback photo of Orion Nebula using my OM-1n and a Vivitar
500mm f/8 mirror lens.  The picture is guided using the ETX125 in polar
mode. Exposure 10 min.  Film: Kodak Royal Gold 400.  The photo was taken
January 17 2002 from my backyard.  In the Deep sky Guest
astrophotography gallery there is a photo of this setup (
ETX125+OM-1+500mm lens ) I sent on Sept 2001


Start of 19 January 2003 update
Subject:	Moon photo
Sent:	Friday, January 17, 2003 11:32:31
From: (William Mason)
Here is a picture of the moon that I took with my ETX-125EC Telescope. I
use a 35mm Olympus OM-1n through the photo-port. Film speed 400, camera
speed, 15th of a second.  Film developed into prints at Wal-Mart, then
scanned with HP PSC 500 scanner.  Processed with PhotoImpact 6.

Kip Mason 

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