Last updated: 22 March 2002

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Subject:	Samples to your guest lunar astrophotography collecti
Sent:	Thursday, January 3, 2002 23:39:29
From: (Mikko Syrjasuo)
Greetings from Finland and thanks for maintaining your ETX-site! Here
are some not too bad shots I captured with my ETX-70 around Christmas. I
used Pentax Optio digital camera and eyepiece projection through Meade
UWA 6.7mm (superb eyepiece, btw). Images were cropped, resampled and ran
through some Van Cittert deconvolution and a touch of unsharp masking.
The results depend on your monitor settings... As a sidenote: fresh
batteries seem to last about half an hour in -25..-30C (-13..-22F)
outside temperature.


       Mikko Syrjsuo

Subject:	Viper MC 90 L
Sent:	Sunday, March 17, 2002 16:06:15
From: (Fabrizio)
First shot of Jupiter...Just starting!
Very bad seeing.
Scope: Vixen  Viper MC 90 L  ( similar (?) but 150 Euro less than ETX 90)
Ocular: Original K 26
Digicamera: Pentax Optio 330 (selfmade adapter)
Shots: 3 (1/8 sec f/4.2) + AstroStack

Excuse my intrusion in your wonderful ETX web temple!
Ciao from Italy.

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Subject:	Vixen Viper MC 90 L
Sent:	Wednesday, March 20, 2002 15:21:05
From: (Fabrizio)
Very bad seeing...cloudy or haze how long I have bought my Vixen Viper
MC 90 L !!!

Viper 90
Click for full size image
Eyepiece: Vixen LV 10 mm Digicamera: Pentax Optio 330 (selfmade adapter) Jupiter Shot: 6 (1/6 sec f/4.8) + AstroStack Saturn Shot: 4 (1/6 sec f/4.8) + AstroStack Moon: just one (1/8 sec f/4.8)+ autolevel in Photoshop Moon...How to remove the dust visible in the lower left of the image? Good,eh,eh. Ciao from Italy.





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