Last updated: 26 February 2004

InfoGenie Plugin

Subject: Missing plugin for starry night 3.x to connect etx
Date: 2/24/04, 08:48
From: "Paul St. Amand" (
This plugin (100KB StuffIt file) is required for controlling your ETX
via Starry Night Pro version 3 for Mac OS 9. Note: the latest versions
of Starry Night Pro for Mac OS X do NOT need a plugin. From the Starry
Night web site:

"InfoGenie. Robin Casady of Casady & Greene has produced plugins for the
the Meade LX200 and ETX Autostar, Gemini GOTO and Astro-Physics GTO that
includes features for interfacing Starry Night with C&G's InfoGenie
personal information manager. See Casady & Greene's astronomy page to
download these plugins."

The web site pointed to, however, no longer exists. The plugin must be
placed in the "Plug-ins (Mac)" folder found inside of the "Starry Night
Pro Data" folder in order to work. The plugin allows your ETX to be
controlled by Starry Night Pro and also allows Starry Night Pro to
follow your ETX across the sky. Early versions of the plugin had some
bugs, but this version, 2.5, seems to work fine.

Mike here: This is posted as a service to Mac users. It is not meant to imply that Casady & Greene or their successors do not retain their copyright. The copyright remains theirs. No support is available for this plugin.

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