Last updated: 27 December 2004

Starry Night Planner to Autostar revisited

Subject:	Starry Night Planner to Autostar revisited
Sent:	Saturday, December 25, 2004 01:54:58
From:	Peter Glasmacher (
Hello all,
Attached you will find a small utility, which is based on Paul St.
Armands 2000 Excel worksheet. It generates an Autostar Tour file out of
a tab delimited Starry Night Version 5 planner file. I wrote it
yesterday (and added the help and usage info today...) hoping we will
get some nice winter nights here in wet and cool Germany. Just take the
executable and try it.
Any suggestions please to my mail address:
Hope it helps a bit.

(See attached file:

Happy new year from Dortmund, Germany

Mfg/with kind regards/Aloha
Peter Glasmacher ('Glasi')

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