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Accurate Alignment Without a GPS Unit

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Most astronomy observing is typically done from the same location, eg.
your backyard or deck. Because of this, I found a way to achieve
accurate lat/long positional accuracy for my ETX90 without feeding GPS
data into the handbox from a GPS unit. It requires that you have a one
time access to a GPS unit to get your exact location coordinates.

1. Modify the CITIES.DAT file in the AutoStar software using Word Pad to
create a new location along with the appropriate Lat/Long info and time

2. Select that location in the SET LOCATION of the TIME drop down menu
when running the AutoStar software.

3. Make it your default location by clicking on the SAVE PARAMETERS
choice from the same drop down menu.

4. When the AutoStar handbox is active, go to the SETUP mode, SITE
selection. In there you can ADD a new site or EDIT an existing site with
a new Name, Latitude, Longitude and Time Zone using the handbox scroll

5. SELECT this site making it your default set up location for all
future viewing.

In this way your telescope GO TO will be more accurate and the Star Map
in AutoStar will display the same sky view.
Happy Viewing
Michael Baughman
Littleton, CO

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