Last updated: 1 September 2005

PEC Editor for 497 Autostars

Sent:	Tuesday, August 30, 2005 20:41:10
From:	andrew johansen (
Just a note to let you know i have placed a new version of my PEC Editor at
Dick refers a lot to my old  ver ( which was ), but this
replaces it now.

I renamed it from the prev version as i have removed the video
functions, but this one has much more functionality for 497 PEC, and
hence maybe of more interest to yr site. (  It also does the GPS and
RCXs. ) You can also set yr training and backlash values and use video
methods to check them.

However, for 497 Autostars PEC
As long as you have 34Ec with Dicks latest Patch, this version of
MyScopeShort will allow you to read/ modify/ write 497 PEC directly
without requiring Park or Download mode.
As such you can tinker with yr PEC, without desynchronising the PEC pointer.
Its not as useful on ETXs, due to the basic system sloppiness,
but for LX90s and other scopes with better gears,
it makes playing with PEC much easier.
One other thing that has been found by testing is that when you turn off
yr scope without parking, you lose synch in yr PEC.
However, if you do get a very good PEC curve, and save it to disk, you
can fairly accurately reload it back into yr scope after a power loss,
by doing only one rough train. This is all discussed in the help file
but thanks to Michel Bonnement for the testing and working through it to
prove the principle.

Andrew Johansen 

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