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Subject:	Autostar 43E a 
Sent:	Monday, September 25, 2006 13:10:26
From:	Roger (
On the latest version of autostar i think 43Ea after a two star
alignment it gives you some figures of how far off you are to true
north.  Can you advise to what these actully mean ?

Example    13'v    41'>

I take it the numbers are for arc seconds but what are the " v & > for ?
Mike here: Those are directional arrows but I've not yet determined exactly their directions. Perhaps Dick Seymour can enlighten us.


From:	richard seymour (
As Mike said, the carets, vees  and ">" are serving as "arrows",
pointing to where the pole -really- is relative to your current

The (')   (apostrophe) means arcMinutes, not arcseconds.

The "nearly perfect" indicator (i.e. the best you'll ever see)
is   <5'   ..meaning "less than 5 arcmin from pole".

In your quoted example, 13'v  41'>  means that you want to move
your wedge to lower the RA axis by about 1/4 degree (13 arcmin)
and move it eastward (if you're in the northern hemisphere) 3/4 degree
(41 arcmin).
In words, the screen is trying to tell you:
"The pole is 13 arcminutes down, and 41 arcminutes east, of where
you currently have the RA axle pointed."

Think of yourself standing south of the telescope, gazing over
it towards the north pole, and the v and > become correctly oriented.

have fun

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