Last updated: 12 December 2006
Subject:	I made an autostar guided tour online tool
Sent:	Saturday, December 9, 2006 00:49:53
From:	China-on-site web design (
I found writing autostar guided tour before observing is quite useful.It
will save a lot of precious observing time.And it is also very

I also like to use Starry Night's Planner feature,it will help in making
an observing list.It's powerful and easy to use.But starry night can
only export an own format text file,can't directly export autostar
guided tour file.

I am a lazy man,so I make a small tool to read the Starry Night Planner
file and convert it to an autostar guide tour.

1.Now this tool only recognize the following objects (enough for me) :
   1)Messier Objects 
   2)Caldwell Objects
   3)NGC/IC Objects
2.Warning massage will appear if the object is not recognized, then you
need to manually edit this line.
3.To save the tour file, just use your browser's save function and
choose to save as *.txt.Then use ASU Autostar suite to import the file.

It's really cool that you let the Starry Night software automatically
make the plan and you just turn on the scope and watching.

Clear Skies,
Ding Ye

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