Last updated: 31 January 2006
Subject:	Autostar Keyboard Sensitivity
Sent:	Friday, January 27, 2006 02:29:57
From:	Ken Jeffrey (
This is the third e-mail I have sent today, sorry to load you but it
seems today has brought up subjects I can comment on so here goes.

My Autostar has been getting harder and harder to operate.  The keys
have been playing up and I have done the usual cleaning with alcohol
without any success.

Today I tried using my printed circuit cleaner, this is a small device
that contains a bunch of glass fibres that can be used to brush up a
contaminated surface.  They are available from electronics suppliers.

The autostar contact plate has contacts that seem to be tinned with lead
solder.  This can become oxidised and present a poor contact to the
rubber pad.  A quick buff with the cleaner removes the oxidised layer
and leaves a bright clean surface.  Be gentle as this is an abrasive

My autostar is now so easy to use its better than it ever was.  All the
buttons work with gentle pressure only and with no delays.

I hope this tip helps some of your readers.

One caution, the connector for the screen, be VERY careful you do not
strain this as you could end up damaging the thin connector strip.
Ken Jeffrey
London, England

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