Last updated: 4 July 2008
Subject:	AutoStar #497 Handbox RS232
Sent:	Thursday, July 3, 2008 11:40:41
From:	James Rosendahl (
I just wanted to drop a note about a purchase I made this week. I have
had a problem using my laptop (HP Pavilion 9702 Vista Home Premium
32-bit) to interface with my Meade ETX-90PE AutoStar #497 handbox. I was
having problems with COM assignment and the like. I have that perfectly
good and relatively unused ExpressCard (34/54) available so I purchased
an ExpressCard/RS232 interface


from It worked straight out of the box, told me what com port
was assigned. I then plugged in the ETX, booted up "THE SKY" and was
slewing my OTA around no problema.

I recommend this to anyone having similar problems, for less than $20 it
is working beautifully.

Thanx, Happy 4th to all!!!

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