Last updated: 20 September 2008
Subject:	Meade Autostar remote control hook up
Sent:	Thursday, September 18, 2008 09:40:16
From:	Neil Sumner (
Step by Step to Hooking up the Autostar Remote control you will need a
few things first to get started

first you will need the comm number that you use when you hooked up the
RS-232 or USB cable the very first time

Next you will need to go to your Program Files C:\Progam
Files\Meade\AutostarSuite Next you will see two telescope icons put your
mouse over one of them until you see ( Company: SSC File Version
) now make a shortcut with this file on your desktop (screen). Do this
on Laptop & Desktop

Now plug in Telescope to the USB port on laptop power up Telescope

Now starting with Laptop double click netscope shortcut you will see a
place where there is a scope port & Dome port & network is 5401

Now this is VERY IMPORTANT scope port must be the same as your Comm # &
Dome port is 2 (or any # as long as it NOT the same as scope port #)

Now click on password make a password one you can remember. click OK now
click on Listen..............

Now go over to you Desktop (the one your going to use to control the
laptop) click on netscope shortcut set it to scope port 1 Dome port 2
(or any # as long as it NOT the same as scope port #)
Network 5401 now click on password make one you can remember click OK.
Then click on listen.
Now open Autostar Suite.
Now click on Telescope look for autostar via Network enter in your
laptops IP address click connect. A pop up will show asking for password
enter it click ok.
A few seconds will pass a pop up with warning will pop biggie that's it.
IF you let your laptop go into Stand by mode with USB still pluged in
Computer will NOT come out of stand by mode will have to power off and
restart ( I think it might be the USB driver doing this)

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