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Last updated: 4 November 2009
Sent:	Monday, November 2, 2009 19:03:30
From:	Toon van Otterdijk (
Here my little contrib to your mighty site.
You're welcome to use it.

Making a starpatch cable for StarPatch © is
quite easy done.


1 Holux GPS mouse (USB)
1 voltage regulator 12V ==> 5V DC
1 male USB plug with a piece of cable attached
1 male PS2 plug with a piece of cable attached
1 coiled cable with the appropriate jack to fit the autostar.
A bit of time. (10 mins)

In this case I found an old Holux GM-210 (very cheap 12 cahnnel GPS
mouse) and used the following info:

Holux pinout


ps2 pinout



Take the PS2 plug and strip the outer, so you are left with 6 thin
coloured wires and a blank one.
Find the corresponding wires for the pins (Use an OHM meter, or just a
battery and a bicycle lamp)

Strip the USB cable, till you have 4 coloured wires left.

solder the black wire of the USB tot the corresponding wire for pin 3 at
the ps2 plug
solder the red wire of the USB plug to the corresponding wire for pin 6

Isolate the soldered parts

Strip the coiled cable at the opposite end of the jack and find the
wires for position 1 and 2 (seen with the clip down and pointed at you
from left to right)

solder wire ps2 wire 4 to jack wire 1 and ps2 wire 2 to jack wire 1 and


Beware!! The Holux GPS mouse is just 5V 2A max!!
So when using a 12V cellpack or something like it, find a device, which
reduces the voltage. (like the USB car charger model CC-0101, which
might have come with the GPS mouse). Or take the 5 volts from the USB
port in your laptop or PC.

The images are not mine, I just used them with some adaptations.

Total cost of the project: 15 (about 20 USD)
You just need a copy of the starpatch software.


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