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Last updated: 26 April 2010
Subject:	ETX-60 with Autostar Controller #494
Sent:	Saturday, April 24, 2010 21:36:25
From:	James Roberts (
I had a mishap with my Autostar Handbox Controller, and thought I should
relay my findings to you.

The LCD display went blank whilst in the "Initializing" mode, right
after boot -up. The red illumination was still on, but no display. The
arrow keys still manuevered the telescope, but no display.

After contacting Meade, and being told that it would cost me $105 for a
replacement handbox, I decided to place the controller into my Fridge
(no, not freezer). Apparently, this cools the Liquid Crystal.

After about 5 minutes of it being in the Fridge, I hooked it up to my
telescope, and turned the power on. It went to the boot-up display, and
faded right at the "Initializing" sequence. It did not, however, fade
completely. I was still able to barely read the display, just enough for
me to navigate to the Reset portion of the Handbox.

As soon as I engaged the Reset, the display popped back on as normal.
All is good now.

If for some reason, the display will not work, even after the Fridge
trick, remember, the Handbox is still a Reset can still be

Since the display can not be read by the user, here is what to do:

Turn the handbox/telescope on, wait for the beep to sound for
"Initializing", then push the following buttons in this order:
Press Speed/?, Mode, Mode, Mode, Mode, Mode, Scroll Down, Scroll Down,
Scroll Down, Scroll Down, Scroll Down,
Scroll Down, Scroll Down, Scroll Down, Scroll Down, Scroll Down, Enter, Enter
Short Term:
Power On
Mode x 5
Scroll Down x 10
Enter x 2
Initializing Beep should be heard, and display should be working!
This is the sequence of button pushes to take you to, and reset the
handbox without visual confirmation. If done in the right steps, the
display will come back on. I hope this is helpful to our other #494
Handbox users.
Take Care.
James Roberts

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