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Last updated: 11 September 2011
Sent:	Thursday, September 8, 2011 14:24:41
From:	Andrew Johansen (
I have loaded a copy of the Beta editor on my Website

As noted there, the help isnt fully updated yet
so just use the old help.
Tour validation is now simpler as it lists all errors in one hit
so just follow the embedded instructions to fix the tours
then validate, and it should load happily.

Re handboxes "out of the box"
The tours etc loaded when you do a firmware update
are created slightly differently, hence dont blow up,
but still dont always work.
Ie even with a clean handbox via a firmware load, you wont get any SAO items showing ;-)



From:	Yannick Dutertre (
Thank you very much for posting this, I'll update my tours tonight at
home - wow it feels like Christmas has come early! I'll let you know
once this is done (I've corrected the Meade tours, and indeed some of
the coordinates are just wrong).

I don't understand why Meade doesn't hire you as a part-time remote
developer :)



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