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v2.3Eb Star Database

Sent:	Saturday, January 12, 2002 21:53:57
From: (Richard Seymour)
In the note about v23eB, Meade says:
>> "Autostar model #497 version 23Ea available.
>> This version adds the LXD55 line of telescopes.
>> Also, some database errors have been fixed." 

"Some"?   You might say that...

Near wholesale replacement is perhaps closer...

The 943-star "core" group remains.  This is the set common to all
Autostars (494/495/497), and has names, Bayer numbers, textual data,
multiple distances, etc.

What's different is the "extended" SAO list .... under 22eT this was
about 17,782 more stars known by SAO number only. In 23eB it's now
16,953 stars (beyond the 943), but this time they're (i think) -all- of
the magnitude 7-and-brighter stars in the sky.

Attached to this note is "" (168Kb), which contains "sao23eB.txt"
(506Kb)... a comma-separated text file listing: the SAO number, the RA,
the Dec, the Magnitude, and a Type. (i believe the Type column is
improperly translated... please ignore it)

The first 943 entries are the "core" set, then (at SAO 106) the
SAO-ordered list begins.  Have fun with it.
Continuing the discussion from
I've put up a page with, at the moment, four huge (100kb each) images.

It shows the distribution across the entire Northern and Southern skies
for the New (23eB) and the old (22eR) SAO star databases in the Autostar

Imags rendered by Cartes du Ciel.

By a not-very-good driver thereof (me).

have fun

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