Last updated: 5 April 2003

Homemade Autostar #505 cable tip

Subject:	Autostar cable to PC
Sent:	Tuesday, April 1, 2003 13:18:45
From: (scottie4442)
I modified a Cisco switch/router console cable to make a cable to my
Autostar.  There are two types of connections for this, one is just a
convertor and the other is a cable, both have DB9 one one end and RJ-45
on the other.  I would not go out and buy one of these as they are a
little more expesive than the Autostar cable itself, but they are more
prevelant as most network guys I know have several of these laying
around.  I used one of the cable types and cut the RJ-45 end off and put
an RJ-11 on, works great with my desktop.  The other type would just
need an RJ-45 to RJ11 cable to work.  Thought I would pass this on and
hope it helps.

Scott Adams
Systems Administrator
Delta State University

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