Last updated: 1 January 2001

What's New in the 2.1ek update

Sent:	Saturday, December 30, 2000 21:46:45
From:	rseymour@wolfenet.com (richard seymour)
There have been a lot of fixes, but if you are happy with v(whatever),
there is always the question of "why fix what isn't broken (for you)".

v21 has better outer planetary calculations, 30,000 objects in the
 database, Spiral Search.  (Start search on second consecutive GOTO or
 by holding GOTO for more then 2 seconds), LX200 like Browse feature for
 searching its internal database, Quick backlash correction by using Az
 Percent and Alt Percent in Setup - Telescope.... those tune the
 backlash jump.
Improvements to LX200 command set. AutoStar shows new slew speed
 for 2 seconds (not much help).  
Other things: when doing a SYNC it identifies the star you are 
centering, much improved Comet tracking (it honestly handles
eccentricities greater than one).  Dozens of other little fixes.
**Creep-after-beep is greatly fixed** (you -can- still get it,
but three major faults were fixed)

Problems: (a) it's English only.  They'll come out with specific
firmwares for the other languages (removing multi-language made room
for the extra 16,000 objects).  
(b) if you track satellites, the "press [enter] to pause" does not
resume correctly (it restarts the motion list, rather than resuming
where it paused).

if you read the LX90 egroup

they are all using v21eI  (k has a couple of fixes beyond that).

They're all pretty happy... they're having more problems with simply
learning how to use it, instead of fighting bugs -in- it.

--dick (still looking for problems)

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