Last updated: 16 January 2001

Bulk Deletions on Autostar

From: crossley_mark@hotmail.com (Mark Crossley)

I've seen a number of emails on the ETX site about bulk deleting satellites/comets/asteroids and replacing them with a new file.

Here's how I do it for the A2.1 updater.

It's also on my web page (Hint #1) http://www.carmine.demon.co.uk/astro/astro.htm

Want to start afresh with your Asteroid/Comet/Satellite/Tour database. This is how you clear it out.

Start the updater with the Autostar handbox connected.

After it has downloaded all the handbox information (and told you about the duplicated tours again!):

Use Windows Explorer and navigate to the "C:\Program Files\Meade\Autostar\Autostar Updater\Ephemerides" folder.

Delete the appropriate database file:

LibAsteroid.ROM - Asteroids

LibComet.ROM - Comets

LibSatellite.ROM - Satellites

LibTour.ROM - Tours

Right click in the same folder and create a new text file.

Rename the file to the database file you deleted in step 4.

Go back to the Meade Updater, and drag 'n' drop the new TLE/Comet/Tour onto the appropriate button.

Upload the new empherides to the handbox.

If you don't recreate the zero length database file at step 5 then the updater will recreate the database by downloading the information from the handbox again when you try and add the new data.



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