Last updated: 23 January 2000

Autostar Cable Info

From: Tracy Miller (hal-9000@home.com)

I realize there have been many posts related to the construction of an Autostar connector cable, and I must admit these were quite helpful to me in constructing my own.

However, many of them can be a little confusing, especially for folks out there who like myself, aren't exactly electrical engineers.

Thus, I have taken some pics of my construction method, and labeled them for simplicity as much as possible (after all, a picture is worth a thousand words, right?).

Photo #1:

Autostar Cable
This should be pretty self-explanatory, with the exception of the pin-outs for the Autostar unit itself. Please refer to the excellent pinout diagram on this site by Cameron Brennan (kudos!).

Photo #2:

Autostar Cable
This will help you understand how the wires inside the adapter correlate to the pins that the cable connects to on the outside.

Photo #3:

Autostar Cable
Walla! A complete Autostar Connector Cable for under $8.00 (only ~ $2.50 if you buy the adapter and simply use a handset cord from your home phone).

Thanks again for providing a great resource for these scopes Mike. Your work is greatly appreciated!

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