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From:	EdHiker@mediaone.net (Ed Johnson)

This started when I looked for a listing of stars by name, 
about 300 names. Of more than 4000 catalogs, no good result.
 My ideal list will have, in sortable fields(Excel):

1- Common Name
2- SAO number
3- HR  number
4- Bayer/Flamsteed designations.
5- RA
6- DEC
7- Magnitude
8- Spectral class
9- Notes,  (Dbl, Var, etc.)
   The list should print on about four pages. 

Some interesting star lists were found...

USNO-A2.0 contains entries for over a half billion stars 
(526,230,881, to be exact!) For the entire northern sky,
and to declinations of -30.   6.6 GBytes of data.

List of Catalogs on the "Selected Astronomical Catalogs"

Astronomical Data Center (ADC) CATALOG VIEWER
The Catalog Viewer allows the user to browse and visualize
the ADC catalogs or journal tables.

The Strasbourg astronomical Data Center (CDS) collects and 
distributes astronomical data catalogues. 
4050 Catalogues available from CDS ... 
 of which 3428 are available on-line (full ASCII or FITS files)  
 of which 3125 are also available through the VizieR browser.

Start AladinJava for a view of the optical sky centered
on the above CDS catalogs.   GREAT! 
A number of stars has been assigned proper names historically from
various cultures, especially the brighter stars. Discussion is at:
A named star list, having no magnitudes (until link is accessed) is at:

Another "List of Named Stars in Alphabetical Order" is at

Another is at Fourmilab (Home Planet),

Richard Seymour made a named star list, sorted by the name, 
has the  SAO numbers (for Autostar lookup), the HR  numbers
and the Bayer/Flamsteed designations.

The largest SORTABLE database, in Excel is at 

Final size is 3.2 megabytes.  By Scott,  mapug@shore.net
Still no complete listing of common star names!  Great work! 
The list of the contents is as follows... 

> The Complete New General Catalog of Nebula and Star Clusters 
> Messier Objects by Multiple Sources 
> The Caldwell Catalog 
> Lynds' Catalogue of Bright Nebulae 
> Lynds' Catalogue of Dark Nebulae 
> Barnard's Catalogue of 349 Dark Objects 
> Herschel 400 
> Dyer Finest NGC and Deep-Sky Challenge Objects 
> DOC G's Interesting Objects Listed By Size by R. A. Greiner 
> Double Stars by David Abrams 
> Arp Globular Clusters 
> Star Clusters and Associations, Selected Data (Alter+ 1970) 
> Revised Shapley-Ames Catalog of Bright Galaxies 
> Cool Galatic Carbon Stars 
> Meteor Shower Radiants 
> 105 Finest Objects For The LX200 by Nigel Puttick 
> Meade 351 Star Database by Alistair Symon etal 
> Greek Alphabet by the Greeks 

And so in comes Dick Seymour:

So, as i'm polishing off the extraneous lines in the spreadsheet,
my blood runs cold with the sudden thought: "what did Ed -mean-
by the term "names"?"

I -took- it to mean "popular names" (like Polaris)...
but (shudder) perhaps he meant "any names", like "47 Tucanae."
... i sure hope not.

326 stars.  Sorted by popular name. (Names1)

So here's the spreadsheet... this represents a few hours work
by my wife... mainly due to a bug in Access97 which is fixed in
Access2000... (i.e. the problems went away when she moved to
a different system, since she suspected as much).

Click here for the Excel spreadsheet (156K).

Click here for a tab-separated text file (84K). This has far -more- info that Ed requested, but it's easy enough to delete (or hide) columns than to add'em. My apologies for splitting the RA/Dec into separate Hr:Min:sec.xx columns... it seemed a good idea at the time... All errors are mine (plus the conversion precess). If you wish the *full* database/spreadsheet (the entire HR catalog, with ALL notes crammed in for each star) it's available. It's a 1.6 meg zip file, 4.5 meg unpacked. All hard work is my wife's (thanks, Karen...) --dick

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