Last updated: 27 July 2002

Asteroid Orbital Elements made (far) Easier...

Sent:	Wednesday, July 24, 2002 8:09:49
From: (Richard Seymour)
From a discussion in the LX90 group about Near Earth Object
Asteroid 2002 NT 7 , i was alerted to -this- site:;main

So what? you ask...

Two things:
(a) it has -labels- on the parameters.. so they're immediately
 usable in the Autostar (unlike Harvard's where we have to 
 remember what "q" and "M" mean).

(b) you can edit that URL to locate other "in the news" asteroids
so the above (for 2002 NT 7 ) can have the "NT7" changed to "NY40"

which was a recent topic of mention here in the Alerts...
(i love URLs)

have fun

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