Last updated: 6 September 2000

Autostar Errors

Subject:	 full memory of autostar
Sent:	Sunday, September 3, 2000 13:40:13
From:	giakons@yahoo.com (Konstantinos Giannopoulos)
I would like to thank you for the answers you gave me in my last e-mail,
as well as for the answers of the other friends of your site.

I would also like to mention a problem which I found and a solution I
came up with. While using the autostar, I tried to load new tours,
asteroids, comets, etc. from Meade site. During this process, the memory
of Autostar was filled. Then a message appeared and the program Autostar
Update closed down. Rerunning the program it searched the objects that
the Autostar includes and when it came to the point where its memory was
filled something took place and the program closed down again.

At first, I tried to delete some objects directly from the Autostar, but
the memory continued to be filled. The solution I came up with is this:
I deleted the subdirectory ephimerides and so I fooled the program and
it runned. After this, by using the program, I deleted a few tours and
some memory became free to use.

My opinion is that the Autostar Update should search for some free space
before it starts to write in Autostar memory.

K. Giannopoulos
Pyrgos Greece

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