Last updated: 4 December 2002

Satellite TLE Extractor (Windows)

From: (Ron Mariotti)

I have attached the software I mentioned in previous message. Winzip's "install" button works well, otherwise, you will have to extract to another directory and run setup there. It has been working well for me, I even added a Filter Form that allows you to narrow down the field so that you are installing a minimal amount of satellites into Autostar. You can filter by Magnitude, Peak Altitude (for refractor/reflector owners like me), and Sky Path (for those that have a limited me). Please try out if you like, its free, but largely untested. It works well on my Pentium Pro with IE5.0, and my 486 junk laptop with IE3.1, but there are no guarantees or warrantees.

Basically, the software (Sat2TLE Ver. 1.1) scans the HTML code of the visible prediction page from, extracts the satellite data and exports the TLE's to a file that you can drag-and-drop into the Autostar Updater Utility.

Click to download (1.7MB).

Subject:	Satellite TLE Extractor (Windows)  Sat2TLE V. 1.1.7
Sent:	Sunday, December 1, 2002 03:33:02
From: (A J Beer)
Wonderfully helpful site - especially to an ETX newcomer ! Many thanks.
Has the above program been updated or superseded ? I can't make it


Tony Beer
From: (Ron Mariotti)
You know, with the newest version of the Autostar Update utility, I'm not so
sure this program would be beneficial to you. I wrote it quite some time ago
to get around some of the quirks with the old Autostar Update program. I
haven't, and don't plan to, update the program because of the improvements
to Meade's software. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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