Last updated: 10 August 2000

Autostar Field Guide

From: Roger Biery (rebiery@yosemite.net)

Great Web site! It's been a real help.

As a new user, I remain overwhelmed by the capabilities of the Autostar. So I copied and condensed portions of the manual as a handy, single page (2-sided) Field Reference Guide (100K ZIP file with MS Word, RTF, and PDF versions). You will note that it even includes a guide to Autostar's favorite alignment stars, demonstrating just how new I am to all this! :-) It is current through ROM version 2.0i (with its addition of a Display Options feature).

Thanks again for the great Web site!

Best regards,
Roger E. Biery
Sierra Communications
5851 Mt. Bullion Ridge Road, P.O. Box 9
Mariposa, CA 95338-0009
Voice (209)742-4900
FAX (209)742-4999

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