Last updated: 30 December 2000

Setting/Resetting Any Autostar Model

Subject:	 setting up an ETX60/70/90/125... DS114/127...LX90
Sent:	Thursday, December 28, 2000 23:49:10
From:	rseymour@wolfenet.com (richard seymour)
They're all pretty much the same.

You can move back up "levels" in the Menu by pressing the [mode] key.

You can set your Site on any Autostar from the
   Setup/Align point by pressing the scroll up and scroll down keys.
(those are the two keys on the lower corners of the Autostar).
Using the scroll keys, you should be seeing the two-line display with
"setup" on the top line, and various operations on the second line.
The operations list "wraps around": when you have seen every choice,
it starts over again at the beginning (Align, in the Setup set).

Anyway: keep tapping on scroll down [v] until you see "Site".
Press [enter]
You should now see "Select"
Press scroll down [v]
You should now see "Add"
press [enter]
It'll ask you for a Country/State, probably offering Afghanistan.
Press scroll down or scroll up until you reach your State.
press [enter]  You'll be shown some major cities.
Proceed as above... if your town/city isn't listed, pick the closest.
press [enter]
You've just set your site.

You can guarantee that -everything- is set properly (instead of 
hoping that other things aren't messed up) by, instead of
choosing SITE when rolling thru the SETUP list, picking RESET.
Press [enter]
It'll warn you that you're about to "clear the decks", but that's
what you -want- to do.  Press [enter] to RESET (press [mode] to 
avoid resetting).
It'll beep, state that it's intializing, maybe run the motors
for a bit (i forget the sequence... it might do that -after- the
sun WARNING)., ask you which Model of telescope you have (don't
just press the [enter] key to every question... read and think)
If it shows a choice, the scroll up and scroll down keys will
(again) take you through the lists...

On Meade's website read the 497 Autostar controller manual.

The only difference between that one and other models is that you have
to use the scroll up and down keys to cycle thru numbers and 
letters if the command requires character/data input.

Drive "training" is reached under the Setup>Telescope>Train Drives
 choice.  Under that the Azimuth (base) and Altitude (tilt) are
  separate choices.  Follow the instructions (and read the above 
good luck
--dick seymour

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