Last updated: 25 September 2001

Autostar "Roadmap"

Sent:	Monday, September 24, 2001 17:33:24
From:	Hunterherb@aol.com
About two years ago I bought an ETX90ec and and was very annoyed at the
poor job Meade had done with their instructions.  I called Meade and the
person I got agreed that the instructions were  pretty bad.  He said he
knew there were some tech writers working on instructions but he didn't
know if they were for the ETXec.

Rather than struggle with what they provided I redid (at a reasonable
size)  the road map that that they had provided and embellished it with
other pieces of pertinent information.

Since I live on the So. Ca. coast I have to go inland to the mountains
or the desert in order to see much of anything besides solar system
objects.  I only get away from the coast once or twice every couple of
months and I have found the redone road map very handy as a mind jogger.

I don't know if Meade has redone the instructions.  I hope so.  I sent
them a copy of the larger road map and requested any updated
instructions but they did not acknowledge receipt of my letter (maybe
they didn't receive it).  My phone contact with them was a bit weird so
I just dropped the matter as far as Meade was concerned.  I've sent
along a copy of the roadmap in *.JPG so if you think it might be of
interest to other users please pass it along.

hunterherb@aol.com                                Herb Schmidt
ETX Roadmap
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