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ETX/Autostar Compatible Software

Subject:	RE: "ETX/Autostar Compatible Software" list
Sent:	Wednesday, March 15, 2006 08:04:27
From: (
I'm surprised Starry Night was not mentioned in the "ETX/Autostar
Compatible Software" list somewhere. I use it (SNPro v5.8.2) everytime
with my ETX 125 AT.
Starry Night really is worth listing (especially in its Pro and Pro Plus
versions).  It's an amazing programme that allows control of my ETX from
slewing to telescope focusing*.

Far too many features to list here. Suffice to say, all I use the
AutoStar box for now is the alignment of the scope during set up. (*NB:
not all versions of SN have the controls you would require to fully
operate the ETX - see for more information).
D.L. Clayton,
Toronto, Canada
PS: Great site for ETX info. It has really raise the level of knowing my
Note: I am not affilliated in any way with the makers of StarryNight,
other than being a user of their programme.
Mike here: This page became somewhat out of date but I'll use your message to help bring it up to date. Voyager (for Mac OS X and Windows) from Carinasoft will also control the ETX. Also, see the AstroPlanner and Scopedriver reviews on the Helpful Information: Autostar Info page as they can also control Autostar capable telescopes.

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Subject:	 Yes, you can control the ETX from SOME astronomy software packages
From: (HAAKE Philippe)
thanks like always for your site... very useful.

here are the software (I know) with which you can control the ETX:

Skymap Pro 6

TheSky  v5

TheSky Pocket

DeepSky 2000

I hope it will help some...

Best Greetings From SWITZERLAND
ICQ 3128404
Mike here: CarinaSoft was also to have software to control an ETX but their web site has been so flakey for several months that I am beginning to have my doubts about them.
Subject:	 Autostar and TheSky V5
Sent:	Sunday, September 17, 2000 17:48:25
From: (Rasmussen)
I have been using Autostar and TheSky v5.  The program can control the
scope and is actually quite nice except for one bug that isn't fixed. 
TheSky program gives an error dialog box for latitude if your site is
located in any latitude including 06, 07,08 or 09 minutes.  Of course I
live in one of the "incompatible" minutes.  The tech documentation from
Software Bisque (TheSky) on this problem is found at the following web
Meade does not have a fix for this.
Paul Rasmussen

Subject:	 Software for ETX
Sent:	Monday, September 18, 2000 05:04:21
From: (Brannon, Bob)
I wanted to add one more title to you list.

Bill Gray's   " Guide " is very good.    

I have used this program for many years, he updates this web site very

Thanks for a great web site on the ETX

Bob Brannon
Mike here: I looked (briefly) at the site you mentioned and couldn't find anything specific about the ETX. I did find the page for scope control but no specifics on the ETX/Autostar. Do you have some more info on this?

Added later:

I've tested the Guide Version 7.0 with my ETX-125 and it worked. Bill
Grey included the control instructions for the 	LX200	Scopes in
the software. Are the LX200 and ETX instructions the same or at least
very similar ? I admit it's been a few months since I've used it, but I
do not remember any problems.

Bob Brannon
Mike here: On the Autostar information page on my site there is some info on the LX200 command set re: the Autostar.
Subject:	Autostar s/w:  MPj Astro
Sent:	Wednesday, December 26, 2001 18:42:02
From:	tyson@AI.SRI.COM (Mabry Tyson)
MPj Astro II (for Macintosh) indicates it is compatible with the
Autostar.  See

I didn't see that listed in the s/w listed under 

My apologies if I missed it.

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