Last updated: 12 July 2001

Autostar Control from Starry Night Backyard

Sent:	Wednesday, July 11, 2001 18:00:11
From:	SPACE.com (support@starrynight.com)
This patch will only work if you had previously installed the Starry
Night Bundle version which was packaged with telescopes. If you have
this version, place the file "lx200snv3.plug" in your Starry Night
Backyard\Starry Night Backyard Data\Plug-ins folder and you will then
see a "Telescope" menu in Starry Night.

If you did not have the telescope bundled version, then this plugin will
not work.


Mike Parkes
Astronomy Support Associate
SPACE.com Canada, Inc.
284 Richmond Street East
Toronto, ON, M5A 1P4, Canada
e-mail: support@starrynight.com
website: www.starrynight.com
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