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Autostar Updater and Windows2000 fix

Sent:	Friday, July 20, 2001 11:19:00
From:	krishna00@msn.com (krishna murthy)
You are doing a great job and an excellent website. Keep it up.

Sub: Autostar Update Client utility error with Windows 2000 (Server) on
startup and how I fixed it.

I recently tried to update my ETX Autostart #497 (ETX-90EC) and
downloaded the software from the links mentioned below.

1. ETX Autostar model #497 Roms22Er.zip from here
http://www.meade.com/support/auto/Autostar/EtxAutostar/Roms22Er.zip AND
2. Autostar Update Client Application for Windows from here
After installing the Autostar update client utility to my machine, I
navigated to the following installation folder
C:\Program Files\Meade\Autostar\Autostar Update and then "double
clicked" on the "Autostar Update.exe" program and got this message

"Autostar Update.exe - Application Error"
"The instruction at xxxxxx referenced memory at xxxxxx. The memory could
not be written"
I am using Windows 2000 Server (Service Pack 2)
How I Fixed it:
I read some articles on your site and tried renaming the CONTEXT.hlp
file to _CONTEXT.hlp (just added a underscore to the name of  the file
to rename it) and ran the "Autostar Update.exe" again and it worked. It
displays the "Welcome to screen" and started searching for the com
Hope this helps other users with similar problems.

Email: krishna_murthy@hotmail.com 

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