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Running the Autostar Updater under Windows2000, Linux, FreeBSD

From: TONY.vonRUDEN@kla-tencor.com (von Ruden, Tony)

For those running Win2000, Linux, or FreeBSD, you might try running the Autostar Updater in a Win98 VMWare session. You can get an evaluation version of VMWare for free at http://www.vmware.com. You will need Win98 install media to create the virtual Win98 session.


Subject:	 RE: Use VMWare to run Autostar Updater under Win2000, Linux, or FreeBSD
Sent:	Sunday, July 23, 2000 10:47:39
From:	TONY.vonRUDEN@kla-tencor.com (von Ruden, Tony)
Last night I verified that you can successfully use the Autostar Update
program in a Win98 VMware session under Win2000, but I also found that
the 2.2 version, at least, seems to work fine under Win2000 itself. 
There were problems with earlier versions, I assume?  Anyway, Linux and
FreeBSD users may still find this tip useful, as they can run not only
the Autostar Update program, but also many of the fine astronomy
programs out there that were written for Windows using VMware.

I'd also like to note that the Autostar Update program behaves really
wierdly if you are updating from a 1.x version Autostar (mine was at
version 1.2g), with long pauses, disappearing windows, and repeated
resets of the Autostar.  This is "normal" behavior, and is covered in
the Readme.txt file with the release -- it is not a function of the
operating system.


Subject:	 Autostar compatibility
Sent:	Tuesday, July 25, 2000 17:04:15
From:	badlight@earthlink.net (Badlight)
FYI: the Autostar update software also works under WinNT 4.0 (SP6a). I
sucessfully "flashed" my unit about 10 minutes after opening the
birthday present (THANKS RACH! YOU'RE THE BEST!).

I will say this though... that's the worst software I've ever seen (I'm
a programmer). It reminds me of some of my first DOS prog --> Windows
prog stuff, scarry!

All we have to do is stop idiot-proofing the world
and pretty soon we'll run out of idiots... 

Subject:	 RE: Autostar and Win 2000
Sent:	Tuesday, December 12, 2000 12:22:07
From:	tquick@ispchannel.com (Thom Quick)
To:	TONY.vonRUDEN@kla-tencor.com ('von Ruden, Tony')

Thank you for the response.  I am running Win2K SP1 and the Autostar
Update V 2.1 and 2.2 both give errors at launch.  I did get a call from
Meade indicating that there was a registry hack that might work.  I
tried that and told them it does not work.  Oddly the 2.1 version does
load and present the continue screen.  I have not tried to communicate
with my Autostar I am not sure if it would cause problem with the newer

Again thanks for your feedback.  And thanks to Mike the "Mighty One of
ETX" you do good work


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Sent: Tuesday, December 12, 2000 10:27 AM
To: 'Thom Quick '
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Subject: RE: Autostar and Win 2000


When I wrote that note, I was running the original DELL release of W2k,
and had no problems either installing it or running it.  I've since
applied many of the updates from Microsofts webpage, and the Update
program crashes when I try to run it.  I haven't tried re-installing it
in the new configuration. Sorry.

Running Win98 in either a dual-boot configuration or via VWware under
W2k or Linux is the only option until Meade releases a version that


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From: Thom Quick
To: TONY.vonRUDEN@kla-tencor.com
Sent: 12/7/00 8:31 PM
Subject: Autostar and Win 2000


I saw your comments on Mike Weasner's ETX site where you indicated that
you were able to execute the Autostar Update software under Windows
2000.  I have downloaded the software from the Meade site and tried to
install it under Win 2K.  However it does not install on my system.  Do
you have any additional info that might help in installing the software.


Thom Quick
Coral Springs, FL

Subject:	 Autostar updater & Windows 2000
Sent:	Friday, December 15, 2000 06:09:31
From:	mark@carmine.demon.co.uk
It appears that getting the Autostar updater to work under Windows 2000
is simple.

Delete or rename 
"C:\Program Files\Meade\Autostar\AutostarUpdate\Context.hlp"

The Help Composer will prompt you to say it can't locate this file when
the Autostar updater starts, and would you like to search for it. Select
NO, and the program will load as normal.

Well nearly as normal, you don't get all those error messages about the
help files anymore!


PS: Thanks to System Internals for their FileMon utility in tracking
this problem down.

Subject:	 Autostar Updater and W2K
Sent:	Tuesday, January 30, 2001 01:57:45
From:	crossley_mark@hotmail.com (Mark Crossley)
Both updater versions A2.1 and A2.3 can be made to run under Windows

After installing the Updater software navigate to
c:\program files\meade\autostar\autostar update\
and delete the file called CONTEXT.HLP

When you start the updater it will complain that it can't find this file
and ask if you want to search for it. Answer NO and the updater will
then load.

I don't know which version of the help compiler Meade are using, but it
doesn't create working output files!

I can't say that I recommend updater A2.3 - it has many problems.


Subject:	 Another way to run Updater A2.4 under Win2k
Sent:	Tuesday, February 6, 2001 21:20:40
From:	rseymour@wolfenet.com (richard seymour)
It's almost too simple:

During the installation phase (after double-clicking Auto.exe),
select a -higher- installation directory!

The default location is:
c:\Program Files\Meade\Autostar\Autostar Update\

IF you choose 
c:\Program Files\Meade\Autostar\

...it goes in and it runs... without having to delete the context.hlp

Meade has been notified (i didn't find this)

Posted on Meade's Autostar Update page:


Windows 2000 fix: In order to make Update work under Windows 2000 you must install or reinstall the update program as follows. When prompted for the install directory, change it to
"\Program Files\Meade\Autostar Update".

If you reinstalled and you have any ephemeride data you want to keep, copy it from the old directory
"\Program Files\Meade\Autostar\Autostar Update\Ephemerides"
to the new directory
"\Program Files\Meade\Autostar Update\Ephemerides".

After reinstalling and copying the ephemerides you can delete the old directory
"\Program Files\Meade\Autostar".

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