Last updated: 27 October 2001

Undocumented Feature in Autostar Updater Client 3.0

Subject:	ASU feature
Sent:	Friday, October 26, 2001 10:40:15
From:	Meade Instruments
There's a feature in ASU that we didn't put in the help file.

If you want to add a bunch of user objects you can do this by importing
them from a text file. All you have to do is create a text file with
each field delimited by a | (pipe) or a tab and listed in this order:

Name | Right Asc. | Declination | Size | Magnitude

Here is an example:

The first line uses a | as the delimiter; the rest use tabs.
Comments past the magnitude are ignored.

Caph            |00:09.1 |59:09 |1 |2 ; small star
Alpheratz        00:08.3  29:05  1  2
Algenib          00:13.2  15:11  1  3
1456t gf46       00:11.6  -35:08 1  5 ; Big Star

Once the file is created then use File->Import, select the file and set
Object Type to User Object. When Import is clicked all the user objects
should appear in the Library list. If any are missing check the text
file on the line for out of range values or missing delimiters.

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