Last updated: 11 December 2002

Multiple TLEs for accurate ISS tracking

Sent:	Sunday, December 8, 2002 18:56:52
From: (Carmelo Porciuncula)
This program might be useful for people wanting to track the ISS.  NASA
predicts different TLEs for the ISS each day (several times each day if
there is a docking maneuver).  This program captures all of them (around
12) and renames each as "ISS month/day HH:MM". The TLEs are saved to the
current directory as ISS.txt which can be imported to Autostar via the
Meade ASU program.  To get the most accurate satellite tracking, select
the TLE closest to the current day & time.

To run the program, you need Java Runtime v1.3.1 which is available from
this site:

To run the program, just type   java GetISS  from the
command line. For example, I will run   java GetISS 10  here in
Melbourne.  If no  is specified, the date & time will be

Carmelo Porciuncula

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